Child Car Seats

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Other Vehicles (Buses, Coaches and Minibuses)


Buses that are designed for urban use with standing passengers are not required to have seat belts. Other types of buses that were made after October 1, 2001 must be fitted with three point seat belts or retractable lap belt in all forward and rearward facing seats.


Coaches made or first used after 1 October 2001 are fitted with three point seat belts or retractable lap belt in all forward and rearward facing seats.

Passengers over the age of 14 years must wear a seat belt in coaches. They must be notified of the requirement to wear a seat belt (this is usually by a notice on the vehicle, an announcement or a film). Each passenger is legally responsible for wearing their seat belt.

The law does not yet require passengers under 14 years old to wear a seat belt. However, all passengers are strongly advised to wear seat belts or the correct child seat on all journeys.


A minibus has more than 8 seats in addition to the driver's seat, and a maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

Children under 3 years

Children under 3 are not permitted to travel in the front without an appropriate child restraint. In the rear seats children under 3 may travel unrestrained, although this in not recommended.

Children aged 3 to 11 years (inclusive) and shorter than 135 centimetres

All children must travel in rear seats (any seats behind the driver) if a child car seat or an adult seat belt isn’t fitted. Children from their 3rd birthday up to 135 centimetres in height or their 12 birthday (whichever is reached first) must travel wearing an adult seatbelt, if an appropriate child restraint is not available. They must use a child car seat if an appropriate one is fitted in the minibus.

Child Restraints on buses, minibuses and coaches

Operators are not required to provide child seats because it is not practical for them to carry a range of different child seats on their vehicles. However, they may allow parents or others to supply their own child car seat for a use on a minibus journey.