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Children With Additional Needs

Transporting Children with Additional Needs

Many families rely on cars for getting out and about, so it is vital to find safe, effective ways of transporting children with additional needs.

Children with additional needs must use child car seats and seatbelts in the same way as children who do not have additional needs. If there is a medical reason that a child cannot use a child car seat or seatbelt, a doctor can decide whether to issue an exemption on medical grounds.

In some cases, a specially adapted child car seat may be necessary for a child with additional needs. It can be a challenge to find the right fit based on the various physical and behavioural challenges the child may experience.

However, parents and carers should never modify the child’s seat, without seeking expert advice. This is because it is difficult to be sure how it will perform if it is involved in the event of a collision. Modifying a seat without expert advice could make it more difficult to take the child out of the seat in an emergency or lead to unintended consequences such as the seat shattering if involved in a collision.

There are a number of solutions to transport children with additional needs including specially adapted car seats, harnesses and safety vests.

Our short film and guide provide information on transporting children with additional needs safely.